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March’ing on

Wow. So it’s March, already. How did that happen right? God knows, but holy shit it’s gone quick. Too quick. Remember when you were a little and a year seemed like a long ass age? Well, Welcome to adult hood. Not all its cracked to up to be sometimes right? So I haven’t blogged for a while, and here I am. So it’s been a crazy few months, weeks are rolling into months and speeding there way from under our feet far far too quickly. Life scares me sometimes, like full on puts the shits up me. Things are great, then they aren’t great, then there awesome again. People break up who you think will never part, friends start buying houses, goldfish, having babies and doing crazy shit. I’m not naive in anyway, but if I could live my life from a suitcase on a life time of adventures and experiences that would be me. So I’m never in? Social butterfly if I do say, my life has always been a whirlwind and probably will continue to be so until I’m pushing up the roses (I like to be different and a daisy is sort of a weed). So the last 3 month have been crazy, I lost my best friend and luck behold I got him back, when you lose that piece of your jigsaw, that crucial edge or corner piece that completes your puzzle you just know its meant to be when everything slots perfectly back into place without any gaps or imperfections.So it’s been all go, and there’s still lots in store. I still occasionally get over come by a mid early life melt down that I’m still living at home at 27 and contemplate the fact that I’ll probably be 40 before i ever have kids or get married. What’s the rush? You tell me. It’s a scary age when all you hear about is kids, weddings and the latest diet. Frightening shit. So here I am, just me, going 90 mph at everything I do, getting frustrated with most things and making the most of life, every day off and opportunity I grab life by its big hairy balls and seek a new challenge and like to see new things. It’s March and I’m already in melt down about having no summer holidays planned, like it’s the complete end of the world, sometimes it pays to be spontaneous, take that drive, go for that job and book that one way ticket..Take a break from worrying about bills, and treat yourself. After all we only live once. ✌So on Tuesday we are venturing on a train Trip to Edinburgh, works been crazy and nothing makes me happier than smiles and laughter and the unexpected with my favourite person. What is life without adventures, oh for darling, so very boring and mundane 😊..