Weight loss wonders

It’s a great thing being a woman. 90 or maybe 80% of the time?..I think? Like many woman both young and old my weight plays a massive part in my life. I have never been overrally confident, infact I’ve never been confident, or at least rarely anyway. Like the majority of woman today I’m the girl who looks in your standard every day mirror and thinks someone’s replaced it with a comedy one from the local fairground fun house. Mirrors are powerful things, as are minds. I’ve never been obese nor have I ever been skin and bones, neither which I add would want to be. I just want to be ‘normal’ size. But what is normal size? I don’t know as much as the next lady but what I do know Is there no such thing as the perfect weight. So a year gone August I quit making excuses, put off the Inevitable, dug out my will power and made the decision to join slimming world. It was something I had wanted to do for a while but like always in life there’s always something that gets in the way of our plans. ‘I’ll do it next week’, ‘I’ll start on Monday’ ‘weekends don’t count’. I’m not sure who we are trying to kid with these comical beliefs but our waist lines often tell different stories. So there I was, standing in the queue, Book in hand, guilt ridden and felt like I was waiting to be hung for a crime. What came next made me change the last 6 months of my life. I stepped off the scales, disgusted, shocked and annoyed at what I had seen, the first weeks were hard, feeding a big appetite on anything but what you want, swapping habits, crying over kit kats and teaching myself a new lifestyle. I’ve always been active, but when I came across some back issues it stopped me in my tracks quite literally. I’m not saying I was an athlete by any form but when you have to give up something you enjoy its shit. Plain and simple shit. Touche. BUT when life goes you lemons, you make detox Juice right? Or drink it with tequila, you know, whatever you prefer. So lemon choices aside here I am. 6 months later and over a stone lighter, happier and healthier and with a half empty wardrobe. Changing old habits isn’t easy, soul destroying at times, and as I found out on Thursday after I returned to class after 2 weeks off letting things slip, stuffing my face and Just generally thinking I was clever returned back to find I’m now 5lb off my target, feel like I’ve got a spare tyre and sinning that bludy white crusty tiger French stick that just happened to find its way into my gob the night before. So what did I do when I got home? Starved myself? Ate an apple? No, that would be far too dramatic, so instead Face planted a hidden mini lindt bunny, ate a few Malteaser squares and then cried. Twice. Weight isn’t everything, everyone is different, everyone has different views, opinions and philosophys and if you want to eat 10 packets of crisps or 20 mince pies, then albeit. Goals and achievements however make you what you are, they keep you on your toes, make us better people and show us that when we want to we really can put our mind to it and prove not only everyone else but most importantly we can do it for us. So I put 4lb on, yeah, but I enjoyed my 2 weeks with the people I love, eating food I adore and making memories which is what we were put here to do. Sometimes we need a little bump in the road to reset our minds, restart our motors and give us a big stiletto heel up our newly pert arses. We are women, we are born to support, Unite and get through the hardest of times not fall at the smallest hurdles and we don’t lose faith, we were born better than that, we are never alone in our battles and we sometimes forget just how far we have come on our journeys.