Travelling vibes

There’s just something about travelling that makes the world shine that little bit brighter on dull days. From being a young age adventure that something has been embedded deep within my soul, from an airport buzz to train kicks to open top bus thrills I’ve seen it all and I want to see so much more. Adventure is a massive part of my life, along with photography which thankfully fit pretty much hand in hand at every corner. From the greens of the fresh spring fields and crisp autumn leaves, capturing priceless moments, sharp blue skies and toes in the sand with shells kind of shots. It’s been said that I’m never happy unless I’m doing something, and there has never been truer words spoken. A lot of people don’t know my love for writing, nor did they no of my blog existence and here I am sharing my words with the world. J.K Rowling I ain’t, but there’s something therapeutic about sharing your passion with the world out there. So as I’m sat on the train watching the world go by on one of many planned trips this year I’m already excited for the thought of what’s in store. My heart races at the thought of new experiences. I learnt a few years back on my 6 week adventure to Asia that my inner self was at its best when I was seeing the World, swinging on beach swings, living in island bungalows, stroking tigers and bathing with beautiful elephants really does something for the soul. So I’ve been to Edinburgh, many of times that doesn’t stop me seeking out new sights, getting excited over hard rock cafe burgers and watching the world go by on the Royal mile. I’ve spent many of year working in the travel industry most recently for our flag carrying airline and yet can’t help get a pang of jealousy when people share there excitement for there year planned holidays and first time experiences, feeling a pang of happiness when I can share my love for so many destinations and beautiful cities.

Truth is I might never be rich, but I’ll always be enriched with memories of the world and that’s more than money will ever be worth 😊..


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