When words fail

Life, it’s a funny old thing. Writing has always enthralled me, but Like everything somewhere alone the line you never quite find the time to sit back and take five or put into words what you might want to say. Talking?I can do that no problem put me in a room full of people or on the end of a phone and I can guarantee you there will be no silence, plenty of sarcasm maybe.  Talking is my forte as those who surround me know only two well, I’ve learnt through life that it’s always best to be ho

nest,sometimes a little too honest, other times not enough. Truth is I’m great at talking people through there own problems, just not much dealing with my own. Making others feel better with words and sharing thoughts and love makes me a better person, a fortune teller once told me I Always have the ability to make people feel better, few people would probably beg to differ but it’s something that’s stuck with me ever since in my ever self critical mind in both my personal life and career, there’s something enriching about making people feel better, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Sometimes things happen that make you step back and re-evaluate life, make you realise what’s important,  what’s not and all the rest of that jazz. You only have to take a step back and look at what’s going on around the world every day to realise how precious life is.
All of my life I’ve been this feisty character, desperate to get everything done at the speed of light and always pushing that extra mile, I stress, who doesn’t, sometimes out of frustration with myself or others or just whatever reason I can find, more often than not getting on my own nerves in the process.taking anything out on those near to me never wanting to let down or cease a challenge whether it be the slightest thing. Truth is I live life on my toes, always seeking the next adventure and sharing the passion for the things I love, travel and photography being two of them, I’m a social media freak and love to share my life experiences with the world, what’s the shame,who doesn’t want to see the first starbucks xmas latte (interesting for someone who doesn’t like coffee) or your best mates latest purchase. Truth is this last week for the first time in a long time I have had no words, every emotion and a heavy heart watching the one who shared my every moment for the last 9 month walk out the door, I’ve been surrounded by the most beautiful people worth there weight in gold whilst adamant to shut myself away from everything i know but sometimes you find yourself been on the end of those words you often find yourself delivering only for them to echo around aimlessly like the wind through a tin shed. Sometimes you want to shut the world out, in the last 4 days I’ve mentally packed a back pack 6 times over and purchased a one way ticket outta here. As the counting crows once Said, you don’t know what it got till its gone but part of you will spend however long you need to find the words and ways and whatever else you might never find the answers your looking for, but part of you will never stop trying to make it right. For the first time in a long time, words fail me.


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